ANTS 2007 First International Symposium on Adavnced Networks and Telecommunication Systems

December 17, 18 Mumbai (Bombay), India

Table of Contents

Technical Session 1: Metro and Access Services

How the Pervasive IP Applications Change the Transport Network Architecture (Invited Paper) Jin-Yi Pan, CTO Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Transport Systems, China

Capacity and Delay Aware Routing in Hybrid Wireless-Optical Broadband Access Network Abu (Sayeem) Reaz, Vishwanath Ramamurthi, and Suman Sarkar, University of California, Davis, USA

Admission Control for Grid Services in IP Networks

C. Cardenas, Maurice Gagnaire, (ENST France), V. Lopez and Javier Aracil (University of Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)

ROADM-Based Restoration with Bounded End HopsDominic Schupke, Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany

Carrier Ethernet – State of the Art and Challenges AheadKishor Kulkarni and G. Kalimani Venkatesan, Wipro Ltd., India

Improving Reverse Channel Efficiency in Passive Optical NetworksGeorge Thomas, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, USA

Technical Session 2: Next Generation Networks

How to Buy a Network: Towards an Economically Sustainable Interconnection of Optical Networks (Invited Paper) Admela Jukan (TU Braunschweig, Germany), Vassilis Prevelakis (Drexel University, USA), Jorn Altmann (Seoul National University, South Korea)

Service-Oriented Communications in Optical Networks Using Virtual Switching

S. Q. Zheng (University of Texas at Dallas, USA), Ashwin Gumaste (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India) and Jianping Wang (City University of Hong Kong, PRC)

100 Gb/s Ethernet Demonstration Arvinderpal Wander, Anujan Varma, (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA), Drew Perkins and Vijay Vusirikala (Infinera Corporation, USA)

Characterization of a New Copper Cable for Next Generation DSL Systems Kalpesh Patel, Maurice Gagnaire (ENST France) and Sandrine Francois (Nexans Research Center, France)

Fault and Attack Management in Optical Networks Asish Pal (Jadavpur University, India), Amitava Mukherjee (IBM India), and M. Naskar (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)

Directionality As Needed – Achieving Wireless Connectivity in a Hybrid Wireless Optical Broadband Access Network (WOBAN)Vishwanath Ramamurthi and Abu (Sayeem) Reaz, University of California, Davis, USA

Technical Session 3: Network Design

An Iterative Greedy Algorithm for Scheduled Traffic Grooming in WDM Optical Networks (Invited Paper)Maurice Gagnaire, Professor, ENST, France

Integrated Economic Model for Design and Adaptation of Overlay Networks Zbigniew Dziong, Con Tran, and Jahangir Sarker, University of Quebec, Canada

Next Generation Service Provisioning Through IMS: An Integrated Operator Case StudyJarmo Harno, Nokia Siemens Networks, Finland

Min-Cost Tree for Multi-Resource Manycast in Mesh NetworksQingya She and Jason Jue, University of Texas at Dallas, USA

On Accurate Task Scheduling in Optical Grid Zhengyu Wang, Wei Guo, Zhengyu Sun, Yaohui Jin, Weiquang Sun (Shanghai Jiaotong University, PRC China) and Chunming Qiao (State University of New York, Buffalo, USA)

Invited Talk: Data Center TechnologiesSanjeev Jorapur, VP of Technology, NetXen Inc. USA

Technical Session 4: Leaders in Networks

Invited Talk: Infrastructure for Future Cities Aravind Sitaraman, Managing Director, India Cisco Systems

Invited Talk: Triple-playJonathan Casey, Director JDSU

Technical Session 5: Service Provider Optical Networks

Transparent Optical Networks Become Mature – Emerging Research Areas (Invited Paper)Dominique Schupke, Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany Selective Survivability with Disjoint Nodes and Disjoint Lightpaths for Layer 1 VPN Ayşegül Gençata Yayimli, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Topology Abstraction Schemes in Multi-Domain Full Wavelength Conversion DWDM Networks

Q. Liu and Nasir Ghani, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA

A Composition Algorithm for the SILO Cross-Layer Optimization Service ArchitectureManoj Vellala, Anjing Wang, George Rouskas, Rudra Dutta, (North Carolina State University, USA), Ilia Baldine (RENCI, Chappel Hill, USA) and Daniel Stevenson (RTI RTP, USA)

Design Methodology for WDM Backbone Networks using FWM-Aware Heuristic Algorithm Aneek Adhya and Debasish Datta, IIT Kharagpur, India

Architecture of a Hierarchical Time-Sliced Optical Burst Switching System Vijay Sivaraman and Arun Vishwanath University of New South Wales, Australia

Technical Session 6: Evolving Telecommunications – The Path Ahead

Reconfigurability Issues in Metro DWDM Networks (Invited Paper) Onur Turkcu, Majid Alnaimi, and Suresh Subramaniam (George Washington Univ. USA)

The Singapore National Research Foundation: Supporting R&D for Economic Payoffs (Invited Paper)

K. C. Chua, National Research Foundation, Singapore

Invited Talk: Sameer Padhye, Cisco Systems, India

Invited Talk: Subhash Dhar, Infosys Ltd., India

Technical Session 7: Future Advances in Networks

Hierarchical Grooming in Multi-Granular Networks (Invited Paper) Mohan Iyer, George Rouskas, and Rudra Dutta (North Carolina State University, USA)

Empowering End Hosts with Fine Grained and Multiple Connectivity Circuits in Optical Grid Environments (Invited Paper) Weiqiang Sun, Guowu Xie, Yaohui Jin, Wei Guo, and Weisheng Hu (Shanghai Jiantong University, China)

Poster Session

Performance Limitation of M-ary Pulse Position Modulation and On-Off Keying in a Direct Detection Optical Wireless Communication System Through Multiscattering Channel

T. M. Fahim Amin (Grameen Phone Ltd, Bangladesh) and S. P. Majumder (BUET, Bangladesh)

Performance of High-Speed TCP Applications in Networks with Very Small Buffers Ben Zhao, Arun Vishwanath, and Vijay Sivaraman (University of New South Wales, Australia)

A General Architecture of Wireless Overlay Networks (WONs) for Global Mobility Asish K. Mukhopadhyay (Narula Inst. of Tech., Kolkata, India) and D. Saha (IIM Calcutta, India)

Performance Improvement Using Linecoding in a Subcarrier Multiplexed Optical Fiber Link Impaired by Optical Beat Interference

M. Alam (United International University Bangladesh) and S. P. Majumder (BUET Bangladesh)

A Novel Mechanism Considering the Retransmission Cost to Improve the Performance of OBS NetworksShuping Peng, Zhengbin Li, Yongqi He, and Anshi Xu (Peking University, China)

Path Computation Algorithms for Dynamic Service Provisioning in SDH Networks under SRLG Constraints

O. Manikumar Reddy, R. Madangopal (IIT Madras, India), N. Usha Rani (NMSWorsk Software, India), and Timothy Gonsalves (IIT Madras, India)

A Comparative Evaluation of Loss Recovery Mechanisms in SCTP and obTCP for On-Board IPNetworks Pankaj Chand (Hewlett Packard, India), Bhaskar Sardar (Jadavpur University, India), and Debasis Saha (IIM Calcutta)

Robust Solutions for Optimal RoutingHimanshu Agarwal and Andrew Jennings, RMIT University, Australia

End-to-End QoS over Internet

R. Joshi and Girish Saraph, IIT Bombay, India

An Analysis of IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) Lava N. Saleem and Seshadri Mohan, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA

* Invited talks do not have a corresponding paper in the proceedings.